Graphics/display question

When an assembly reaches a certain size, the shaded display of some
components (principally cylindrical ones) changes to rectangular blocks when
I dynamically rotate the view.
Is there a way of controlling at what point SW decides to do this, as it
seems to be happening even on small assemblies?
At first I presumed it was the same setting as for Large Assembly Mode, but
that is set at 500 components, and I'm only at about 1/10 of that.
John H
QuadroFX540 (not my choice!)
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John H
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Tool>Options>Performance>Level of Detail slider
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Seth Renigar
It used to be just an on/off function and around here it was called the "chunky button" for obvious reasons. :-)
The reason for it is that the less detail you try to maintain as you rotate, the faster it is. However, if you are trying to study something that requires watching the detail, then obviously you need to see it properly.
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Wayne Tiffany

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