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Hi Guys,
I usually use SW for tool and die design (square blocks with lots of
holes). A customer wants a riser designed for his chopper and I have
tried numerous surfacing techniques to no avail. I have only had the
basic SW training and the sheet-metal training.
If someone would be interested in making a few suggestions as to how I
can model this riser so that the radii are tangent with the top and
bottom surface I would be so grateful....
I have uploaded the files to
formatting link

Thanks in advance,
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can you be more specific about what you are trying to acheive? Maybe a marked up image or scanned hand sketch or a photo of a similar part?
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Without knowing more about what is blending to what and why I can only offer workarounds to get it to blend cleaner from the corner revolve, so here's an example of trying to accomplish this...
formatting link
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Paul Salvador
Thanks Paul.... that was great!
CC Paul Salvador wrote:
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CC, I e-mailed you your part after some modifications I made to it. take a look at it and tell me what you think. basically I changed your side loft into two side lofts with tangency relation to the surrounding faces by edge selection + I changed the rounded corner from 150 deg to 133.68 deg in the revolve feature.
cheers, Gil Alsberg
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Gil Alsberg

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