Tool change macro for fanuc omd with fillintheblank iron


I have a customer who owns a Fanuc OMD controlled taiwanese piece of iron with a carousel type tool changer. Your basic 3 axis vertical mill. The machine came up with an alarm the solution to was memory dump. Turn off the control and hold the delete key. The problem is there were

2 O9000 macros that are necessary for tool change. M6 calls O9000 and O9000 calls up O9001 or something like that. I was doing some training on a YCI supermax and the customer wanted his library cleared. It was full of test programs from the factory. I did a O-9999 delete and it took out those 2 programs. I was on the phone with the YCI guy (Fanuc will direct you to the machine builder on this one.) and he faxed me the programs and I typed them in and everything was fine. The question I have is the tool change macro for a basic Fanuc controlled carousel type fillintheblank iron a generic type macro and does anyone have a copy?

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The macro will differ from machine to machine. But they will be very similar in what they do. The macro is mainly keeping track of the tools in the random access type ATC. But it may also have built in commands for spindle orient, etc...

If it helps, post the macro here and I'll take a swipe at deciphering what it's doing.

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D Murphy

Thats just it Dan I don't have a copy. The YCI was in Texas and I left the faxed pages there.

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