Macro for Text change in extrude

Wondering if anyone knows how to access the text in sketch function
without having to edit the sketch? For eg., Link a text value to the
configuration name so that I change the config name and the text
extrude changes?. Anyone know an easy way to do this or whether it is
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You can change the text via API. I tried this in the past and it was quite easy, but I didn't store the code for it.
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J.J. Zwaard
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Alex schreef:
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Man, that would be awesome if there was a way to link the text like that. I have always wanted to be able to do that as well.
However what I do now is to simply have multiple extruded text features with manually entered text, and suppress/unsuppress the appropriate features in each config. It sucks. But that all I have ever been able to come up with.
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Seth Renigar
I don't really see how this would be possible. Essentially you would need an always running program that would detect when you change a configuration name and then goes to your sketch, edits it, and updates the text used there. Seth's method sounds like the best to me.
You could also have a macro that you run which updates the text in a specific sketch to reflect the configuration name. That would be pretty easy.
Just use SketchText::Text to change the text.
Seth Renigar wrote:
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Mr. Who
Macro feature would be a way to do this, if one would like to regenerate the text on each rebuild.. You could write a macro to show user interface with selectionbox in propertymanager. The user would select the sketch text entity into the selectionbox and the feature would update the sketch text.
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Heikki Leivo
Thanks mate - Appreciate the feedback
Heikki Leivo wrote:
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I would be interested to see how easy this is as my macro understanding is not great. Thaks for the feedback though
Mr. Who wrote:
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