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Hi there, I've got a problem with a multi-body part file created in SW2006 SP4. I'm unable to revert back to the default configuration. It just hangs for an eternity. I can save, edit, rebuild etc in the derived configuration but just can't get back to the default config. This means I'm unable to open the main assembly file either as this contains references to the default configuration version of the part file. Firstly. Can I change the referenced file in the assembly from default to derived without having to open it? If so then I would like to think that the assembly would then open. At the moment it just hangs up liike the part file. Secondly. Can I delete the default config in the part file and if so will the derived config then become the default? Is there another work around for this problem? This multi body part is referenced by a lot of other part files in the assembly with regard to sketch entities etc. Thanks, David

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If you delete a config with a derived config under it, they both disappear. But with only the part file open, you can create a new config based on the derived config, delete your default config, then rename the new one to default. Then when you open your assy, it should look at that newly renamed default, rather than the old one. Or you could forego the renaming and just let it not find default and then use the current config, which would be your new one. Either way it should let you open the assy.

You should also send that part file to your VAR to see if SW can learn anything about why it failed.


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Wayne Tiffany

I agree with Wayne. Rename the default. Switch to a different config. Save it. Then open the assembly referencing that part. It will use the currently saved config.


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This brings up one of SolidWork's more stupid inconsistencies. I can't rename a configuration if an assembly and/or drawing that uses that configuration is open. I can rename a part if the assembly and/or drawing is open, in fact, this is the best way to do it if I want to keep the links to the new name. Why can't I do the same for a configuration?

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Jerry Steiger

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You're right, this one is SOOO stupid I do not think bitching about it anymore...

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Jean Marc


Thanks Wayne, That did the trick. Tried it out first on a test part and assembly then backed up the project folder just in case. Back up and running now. Thanks a lot. Regards, David

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