Hey whats this DWGgateway

I am not one to usually compain about somthing, but i read this on the
Solidworks Site, which is about the DWGgateway software.
"....No longer must AutoCAD users upgrade just to continue sharing
standard 2D design data with colleagues and business partners. The
DWGgateway ensures that AutoCAD users can work efficiently with
colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers without facing annoying
"incompatible version" messages...... "
Now why can't we have the same features eg: able to save as 2004 ?
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Backward compatibility is relatively easy when all you are talking about is data entities / geometry (a point's a point, line's a line, etc.). When the functions that create the data entities are considered the problem is apparent (that's assuming there are in fact new functions in the newer release). That's the gist of it, anyway, and it does present real problems. Fact-o-the-matter is it can be done; witness the $20k + cross platform feature enabled translators. When they can't duplicate a feature they create a non-parametric surface (simplified, generalized, hearsay explanation). If there's a market, there's a way....
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Jeff Howard

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