how do I create drop-in custom 'holes' ?

I've drawn up a template for some sheet metal parts I use all the
time. (for example rear-panel.sldprt)
I want to use this as the basis (with a save-as or save-copy-as) for
my drawings.
Into the drawings I want to be able to insert custom holes, such as a
rectangle with radius'ed corner with two round holes (mounting hole
for an IEC mains inlet).
How can I create and save these 'holes' in order to drop them into any
drawing I might need them in ?
I need them to be 'through all' so I can drop them into 1mm, 2mm, 3mm
thick panels and the holes will always be all the way through the
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Well, since you can't add geomteric features to a part through a drawing document, you'll have to do it in hte model document. This is what palette features do.
If you don't want to actually modify a part, but just show a hole, you would need a block in the the drawing. Unfortunately, there aren't controls for block placement that would be good for this. YOu'd be better off putting the hole in the part.
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Dale Dunn
Look up library features in the help. You can drag and drop library features into your model you can create quite complicated features and you have a chance to change the dimensions of the feature upon insert. You can also disolve the feature which adds all the features that create it to your design tree. There is a thru slot that I use all the time that ships with SW.
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Corey Scheich

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