How many times have you yelled, F&^#- you SW this week?

Using SW2007sp5 (not my choice),.. I estimate I have said it about 50 times this week!

.. (oh the joy of working with dysfunctional design software)

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There are times I almost miss the harmonious relationship I had with my drafting board and tools. :-)

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=2E.. although I like the artistic hands-on aspect of drawing... I don't miss the old way one bit.


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Just curious, what are you designing? Parts? What kind and how many features? Assemblies? How many components?

Sorry you're having such a bad time with it.

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About 1/10th as often as I used to yell that at Inventor.

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Hi Paul,

I think you (and me too) are not the typical SW user and therfore most of your personal SW trouble does not find a majority here in this group. The days I started using SW was SW 97 Plus. From that day on I was pushing SW´s poor freeform capabillities to its limits.

2005 we lost 2 big customers due to data inconsistancy caused by SW 2005 (SP2 -3). I kicked SW subscription for almost 2 years and restarted with (SW2007 SP5) I can warmly recommend such a break because after renewing subscription you will find out that nothing chaged for good ;-)

- SW gets slower by every new release and eats up more RAM and sys resources.

- big pile of new gadgets and features but nothing you could not have already achiefed with tricky workarounds in SW2005 ;-)

I will stay on subscribtion till SW 2009. If there is no dramatic increase in performance, stability and quality I will dump SW again.

In the meantime I am evaluating CatiaV5 and what I can say at first glance:

- release versions don´t change that often

- prices went down and it is affordable now for smaller id companies like us

- UI is very familiar and similar to SW and therefore easy to get started.

... and I must admit that I am curious to see and test new UG Siemens stuff

oops, hope JB doesn´t read this otherwise this thread will be f$§&ed up.

sorry for this

Paul, as long as you still have some fun factor in your work, keep on pushing SW to it´s limits. Otherwise dump subscrption, just for a while and see what will change for you.


Jojo @ t n e X x o N

"zxys" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news: ... although I like the artistic hands-on aspect of drawing... I don't miss the old way one bit.


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Hello Jojo,

Thanks for that response!! I really appreciate it!!! Yeah, I canceled my subscription. SW Corp has NOT shown me a good enough reason to continue. My clients which I support don't see much either but some have their own clients to work/share with. So, as you know, we are in a definite rock in the hard place decision/ situation!!! I had a client who had SolidWorks and now uses Catia for very good reasons. I hope I can do business with them again,.. but I will have to get up on Catia. I like what Catia has overall. Otherwise, if I had a UG client(s), I'd jump on with that tool! Anyhow I see clients still holding on to SW2005, 2006 and some 2007... and there are still Pro/e clients around.

It seems we have to rely on competition to sort out the mainstream crap marketing pushes on it's users. I am thankful for some of the stuff shown lately,.. at least it redistributes ideas and perspectives for better design tools.

I just resent being a guinea pig to the crap which has been regurgitated lately!

Things will get back on track eventually... in the mean while...

The dicking the dog marketers will get sorted out and eventually work on reinventing new mainstream BS FUD.. 8^)

=2E. cheers!

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