how to force Edrawing viewer to open maximized?

Hi all,
I've tried everything. Making a shortcut: set window to open maximize
doesn't work. Regedit: showmaximize key toggle value to 1 from 0
doesn't work. Tried saving the edrawing when window is maximized,
doesn't work. Tried exiting from file|exit with ctrl held down also
doesn't work.
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How about the old standard (on XP) - maximize the eDrawings window. Then while holding the SHIFT key, close the eDrawings window by clicking on the X in the upper RH corner. Works for me.
I think the secret key (SHIFT) is different if you are on W98, or something.
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Wayne Tiffany
Hmmm, I'm trying to make it work on an edrawing exe file but it wont. It opens maximized for a second then instantaly goes down to a smaller window?
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