I DON'T GET IT!!!! Offset Spline

I created a spline hit the offset tool and try to offset the spline and it
says it can only offset lines and arcs or something stupid and will not let
me select the spline. Yet if I exit the sketch and create a second sketch
and hit the offset tool and select the very same stinking line it offsets it
with no qualms. What gives why is it now an offsetable object when it
wasn't 2 seconds ago anyone have a clue.
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich
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Hi Corey,
in SWX 2004 or earlier you can't offset splines directly. I do the following way: create a spline and close the sketch create a new sketch on the same plane offset the spline from the other sketch and 2nd convert the first spline with the convert entities icon.
in SWX 2005 offest splines does work.
Corey Scheich schrieb:
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Isn't that just about the stupidest thing you've ever seen ???
Been that way forever. It's about time they fixed it
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This is fixed in SW2005.
The reason you can offset the converted edge is that it is a different sort of line, a copy if you will. Because the feature it is derived from is defined in the parent and hence static, I think the offset would be easier to calculate.
Corey Scheich wrote:
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