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You know how it takes hours to do a where used search. Well the idea is save that darn information in the part file too. It would only take a few bytes. If you add a part to an assembly or drawing and you save the assembly or drawing it makes you save all the darn parts anyway so why not add that info then.

Well what about when you take a part out of an assembly or drawing, you don't save the part in that case?

Make it accessible from the Custom Properties then when you take a part out of an assembly SW could just go to the file and edit the list without asking for a save on the model info.

What if someone else has the part opened?

Well make the custom info or atleast this section of it accessible whenever. A solidworks file isn't that much different than a database of features made into a graphic form. What would it hurt if this kind of info was changed on the fly.

Our database can do a where used search in seconds. Why does it take hours.

Will this ever get done. Doubt it. I just thought that maybe God would smile on me and get SW to do everything I want an make it efficient too.

This may be amusing to some of you, but can't a guy dream.


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Corey Scheich
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This is essentially what many PDM systems do. I agree, it would be nice to see this as a quicker where used in the base SWX package.

But, it does open a whole can of worms too... You already mentioned the read-only problem in a multiuser environment. What about exchanging SWX files with vendors or customers? Now, suddenly, there are two copies of the model file... not good for your suggestion.

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Arlin Sandbulte

Also, what would happen if two users inserted a Part into two different Assemblies independently at the same time? (I'm presuming the inclusion of the "Where Used" data would not by definition necessitate the use of PDM software.) How could one reconcile the file differences? Now, if SolidWorks could include a utility to edit the "Where Used" info that could be a way out of several possible conundrums



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