Where used macro?

Does anyone where to find a macro which can write the assembly name in which
the part is used? This way it would be possible to get a so called "bottom
up tree". You could also see in which assemblies the part is used.
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Bas Slijkhuis
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Solidworks Explorer does this. Select the part and select where-used. Then give it the folders to look in. You can export the list results by right-clicking them.
regards Jason
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Jason Capriotti
My understanding is that the part file does not actually contain any information about the assy or drawing so there is no way to query it, macro or otherwise, to find out what files are related to the part. The assy and the drawing, on the other hand, do contain information about the part, namely the path. This is why you can move (or change) a drawing or assy and the part will not ask for a new location (or require an update).
As Jason said, SW Explorer requires a range of directories when looking for "where used" information on parts. It is actually querying each assy and drawing file in that range to see if it contains path information about the part.
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