picklex20...have you used it?

I was wondering if anyone here has used this product before? I came
across a discussion of it at an autobody supply website and many
people there have used it for metal etching, rust conversion, rust
prevention. It is also said to assist in cleaner welds. On top of
all this it is said to be completely safe to use.
I am not affiliated with this company at all, just curious if anyone
here has used it and whether or not it lives up to it's own
hype....any comments are appreciated. Here is a link to the site
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K. Elliot
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I checked your link and found that this stuff is supposed to be better than sliced bread. Too bad Detroit doesn't dip their vehicles in it. At $100 per gallon it better be good. Since I live in the rust belt I could sure use some for some of the projects I have done. Interesting how it makes welds stronger and allows you to weld over mill scale. Wonder if it will allow you to tig weld steel without removing the scale also. Seems too good to be true. Hope you get some responses from actual users of this product. I would like to try it.
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I agree.
Has anyone here used this product ?? Looking for someone to weigh in that has experience with this product. Thanks.
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Why, yes I have. It is excellent.
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