I think this is a semantic difference

The term "resolution" is perhaps one to be avoided in this context, as it tends to be associated with 2D pixel density.

Strictly speaking, as I understand it, when you dial up increased image quality in SldWks, you are decreasing the size of the polygon mesh.

Such a mesh underlies any 3D model, whether surface model or solid model. What look from a distance like smooth curved faces are actually internally calculated as flat facets. Because facet edges are not shown in the middle of a face, this faceting is only evident, on screen or in 2D output, where two surfaces meet, or on a silhouette edge.

It's not a question of vector output resolution, but of internal process granularity.The vector output quality is inevitably affected, because the problem is upstream (garbage going into the 2D visualiser= garbage coming out)


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