Jon B, Read and understand

"just because you can doesnt mean you should"
with that said, yes this forum is not moderated, and you are allowed to
post what ever you like. But I am sure that if we took a vote in this
group about what topics we would like to see, then I am sure that you
would see 100% of the people would vote NOT to want to see anything
about VX. Not that we dont care about other products, but NOTHING is
perfect when it comes to software.
I am sure that there are things that VX can do that Solidworks cant. I
am sure that there are things that Catia can do that VX cant. this
forum is nto about tit for tat. This forum is here for us to discuss,
and yes sometimes gripe about the program. Everytime you post about VX
is just adds clutter to the entire group.
If for the greater craziness of the group, let alone mankind....STOP
with the VX post. If we wanted to know more about the program, then we
would know how to find it
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Keith Streich
Amen! Church is in session.
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Indeed we do NOT see other people constantly posting about Think, UG, Catia, or AutoBlab about how SolidWorks users ought to really see how to do it right by switching to those programs.
I use a number of CAD programs, but I really don't bring them up in the SWks forum.
Jon comes across as a paid shill.
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here here too
I come here to learn about SolidWorks --- the software I use, the software that I make a living from using. Thanks to all those that have taught me through their posts
Jon is very much an irritant, an annoying little screaming brat. Jon please keep a consistent email address so I can block your posts--thanks
The only conclusion I have come to regarding VX is that it must be crap. If the likes of Jon B have to keep ramming down my throat how wonderful it is--- it's gotta be utter utter crap.
I used to be open minded about other CAD software now thanks to Jon I'm completely and utterly not interested in even looking at VX's website. Maybe Jon actually works for SolidWorks?????
Jon please get a job as a used car salesman.
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John Layne
I don't think a paid shill would be so blatant. But I know you are just making a good point.
We just bought VX and the VX guys are cool, as in not uptight like JB comes across. They are only down the street from the beach in Florida, that's gotta count for at least a little cool factor.
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Is Jon B really a VX guy, or just a VX wannabe? Never hear any other real VX reps backing Jon up.
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I'm trying to see this from your point of view, but I can't get my head up my ass.
If you imbeciles would use a kill file, your perceived problems would disappear. But you won't. Instead you will choose to become part of the perceived problem by actually contributing to it.
Hope that helps. Have a nice day.
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Nocturnal Dragon
Not that I dont agree with you Dragon, But from what I understand, using a kill file will filter out what ever he post. If thats the caes, then fine, but what if he changes email address, whihc is somethign he often does, I then have to adjust the kill file to the new address. To me that is all fine and good and a work around if you please.
I just think addressing the problem at the source rather than having to sit there and plug each hole as it p> John Layne wrote:
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The cranial-rectal extraction procedure is a very delicate one. Also-once performed-it is not always permanent.
I figure that's the reason behind a lot of the drawing regressions I am seeing SW 2005.
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The problem with kill files is that it may block JB, but there are thousands of readers. If JB creates clutter, you put blinders on your own eyes, but the crap is still there. Ultimatly you want to attract people to a newsgroup. If people drop by and see alot of drivel, if people are having an intresting exchange and JB jumps in to your thread and stufs it up ... then so much for a useful unmoderated group.
PS: My guess in the way you responded it seems you can't get your own head out of a your own ass. Simply blanket insulting a whole group because a solution is obvious to "you" pretty much means well .. nuff said.
PSS: You could Kill file everybody winging about JB as well as JB ... that should fix your frustration with people complaining about JB ... plaese
Nocturnal Drag>
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Giorgis *your* opinion.
Well, Jon isn't going anywhere, and he IS posting on topic according to the comp.cad.solidworks charter. If you don't like it, boo-hoo-hoo for you. Not. In the end, nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you read that which annoys you, it entirely the /readers/ choice.
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Nocturnal Dragon
Looks like I'll have to give up and accept the fact Jon's irrational obsession is never going to stop, as he?s unlikely to seek the professional help he so desperately needs.
I?ll just plug the holes in my filters as they occur and never again respond to any of Jon?s postings.
It?s a shame he can?t see what damage he?s causing the poor developers and programmers of VX.
John Layne
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John Layne
Boo Hoo for me, so by that token he could post 100 times and clutter up the entire forum. it that hard for you to understand that yeah I dont have to read the post and I dont, BUT there are times when he post in a thread that I am reading and is not contributing to it.
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