Ordinate dims

SW2005 SP2.0
It would appear that jogging of ordinate dimensions doesn't work quite
properly to take dual dimensioning into account. If dual dimensioning is
turned on with the dual on the top, then jogging doesn't space them out so
they don't overlap. It also doesn't appear to matter whether you start with
dual or turn it on later - it still ignores them for jogging purposes. Am I
missing something obvious, or not so obvious? Has anyone turned this in if
it's not just me?
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Wayne Tiffany
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This bug has existed for years. They must know about it by now. Every version has had the same problem from day one. Another bug with ordinate is when you dim from the center of the part and work your way outward and the jog becomes all scrambled. That bug has been there from the start back when they added the ordinate jog feature I think around 1999.
SW just don't seem very interested in fixing these things, and I think they need to get their shit together soon or else they are going start loosing customers like me. It's telling me something is wrong with the company. Too much time is getting wasted with these stupid kinds of bugs when all you really are looking is simple functions that work right.
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