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OK, so I know how to kill file JB.... Does anybody know of a way to
automagically plonk the entire thread that he posts to?
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really going to hell
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You could kill file anything with VX in the message. Ditto for hybrid modeler.
Michael wrote:
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unfortunately, outlook express isn't that smart--it'll only filter on words in the subject, not the message
might be time to invest in a better newsreader
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How do you "kill file"? Does it work when looking at google groups on the web? Do I need to be using a newsreader to do this? Thanks, Brian
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In OE, you open the message and go to Message/Block Sender. I don't think you can do it online in Google because you don't have unique settings, but then I don't really know because I rarely read there.
If you want to converse in real time, you need to connect through a news server. This one I use ( has been good to me.
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Wayne Tiffany
Don't forget Cliff and the Black Nightshade or Black Asshole or whatever he's calling himself these days.
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