Poll Results, nar or TRA

Hey hey,
well I have tallied the totals from posts and emails. I asked the
question as to which organization you would belong to if you had to
make a single permanent choice. Well I am not surprised by the
responce, but I am surprised about the sheer NUMBERS!
I think that if you are a nar director or prefect, you may want to take
serious notice of these numbers ... ok here goes ...
35 postings chose NAR
7 emails chose NAR
67 Postings chose TRA
178 emails chose TRA
42 People total supported NAR
245 People total supported TRA
=> TRA support is almost 5:1 to nar support. WOW! With Nar losing 12%
of its senior members alone this year, and its alot, I didn't expect
the poll numbers to be as high as they turned out to be ... WOW!
Well its nice to know that I am supporting the more popular
organization :)
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Heh make that almost 6:1 Wow WOW! I guess TRA is giving the hobbyist what THEY want :)
snipped-for-privacy@juno.com wrote:
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And 1834 people emailed me to say your a twit.
See, I can pull numbers out of my ass too!
Interesting that the poll thread, according to google groups (which, apparently, is what you use), doesn't even have enough posts in it to account for all the NAR votes, much less the TRA ones.
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John Bowles
A simple statistical analysis of these numbers is enough to prove beyond any resonable degree of doubt, that they're fraudulent.
Nice try, though.
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You need to post the newserver which has 102 voting replies to your poll(s); none of the servers or archives I can find has anything close to those numbers. Not even Google Groups, from which my server receives the news feed with your posts.
In actuality, its about 3 to 1 for the NAR on USENET r.m.r., with about a tenth of your numbers of voting replies.
BTW, you cannot post (fabricated) e-mail numbers to a USENET poll result. The very purpose of a USENET poll is to present public results which can be seen and verified by all.
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This guy is one of those people to which I was referring in previous posts. I've been reading several of his posts lately. He is part of the problem that I have with TRA and I'm sure calls any NAR member a "NAR Weenie" while hiding behind a fake Usenet name.
I know many good people that only belong to TRA, but it's attitudes like the one this moron has that has soured my support for TRA. I see TRA people belittle NAR people, but I've never seen NAR people "bash" TRA people. NAR people are an overall better class of people.
I think I'm going to let my TRA membership lapse next year.
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TO be fair, I don't think one anonomous jerk is representitive of TRA any more than one weenie (Shockie) is representitive of NAR.
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Phil Stein
It does happen. I have seen it, not that empirical evidence is of any value.
That is just as divisive...can't we all just get along? Don't let this one individual drag you down to their level.
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Don't get excited. I'm just recognising you as a high quality weenie. You are the king. Not that that's a bad thing. 8-)
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Phil Stein
Wow! Those must be the same people who are purported to privately send supportive emails to another RMR garbage-spewer.
The only difference being that the other once, about 1 in 1000 messages, actually posts something USEFUL.
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Kevin Trojanowski
The Lurkers support me in e-mail They all think I'm great don't you know. You posters just don't understand me But soon you will reap what you sow.
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- Rick "Remember the Matrix? I took both pills." Dickinson
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Rick Dickinson
I feel your numbers mean nothing. A more precise count would be to simply show actual membership enrollment numbers... those who have put their money where their mouth is. There really is no other valid standard.
No matter how you rate it, "if you can only choose one" would still be settled by the organization with the greater number, as obviously that organization would have had more choosers choosing only one organization... double joiners inflate both organizations equally.
Are you still so sure...?
~ Duane Phillips.
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Duane Phillips
That's not fair. An anecdotal poll is meaningful.
What I find interesting is the high level of TRA participation in the poll but not on rmr where the poll eminated from.
The TRA BOD information control procedures are clearly working.
Consider yourself effectively muffled.
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Jerry Irvine

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