If I murder someone can I join NAR/TRA? What about "model airplane parts"?

Well I was just wondering if I am a convicted murderer, can I still
join NAR/TRA?
What if I rape?
What if I am convicted of illegally shipping solid propellant, low
explosive devices, as "model airplane parts"?
Where is the line drawn NAR/TRA?
Can a FELON join and stay in the NAR?
Can a FELON join and stay in the TRA?
Can I just do what ever the hell I want when I want and to whomever I
want with no fear of NAR/TRA?
Mark Bundick, you there?
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Word of Reason
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NAR/TRA are both private organizations you stupid sack of shit.
Study for your GED and then get back to us once you're a little wiser.
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wOrd of ReaSoN 5
Better question would be if you go away would any body care? I got a sawbuck that says 99% of what you weite is B.S. Another 20 says you have never met or done business with Jerry Irvine. And the last 20 for tonight says you have never seen a model or amateur rocket.
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Troll Hunter
Anyone who has done their time should be free to join. Except you. You, we can do without.
TRA/NAR are not police agencies. They are not courts, nor are they a part of the criminal justice system. You commit crimes, the criminal justice system will deal with you. End of story.
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So then NAR and TRA have NO REAL oversight ... no wonder the BATF is moving in ... NAR and TRA are USELESS in policing it's own. Thank you for proving my point ... now where is that telephone number to my local BATF agancy ... ah there it is next to my copy of US Rockets 2004 catalog
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Word of Reason
RTFM. (or web site)
If you don't like what you see, propose a change to whichever board you want.
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Phil Stein
Neither the NAR or TRA have jurisdiction in these matters. Neither organization asks for background information, or runs background checks on prospective members.
I've personally known felons who were TRA members. At one time thy may have been NAR members as well.
So there is no reason you can't join either :-)
Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!
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Bob Kaplow
So did these "felons" just up and admit to you that they were indeed "felons"..... in the course of normal conversation...?
well you know Bob, back when I was in Terminal Island, must have been '83 or so.......... "hey look at me!" Look at me! I'm a felon , I;m a felon?
I think the politically correct term is ex-offender.....
shockie B)
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