POLL - Simple yes or no ... NAR or TRA?

I don't think this question has ever been asked, and YES I will tally
the results and post them!
Ok here is the question:
If you had to chose one and only one organization to be a member of for
the entire career of your rocketry interests, who would you choose?
NAR or TRA? Just answer with the string of "NAR" or "TRA".
Don't need any explination over how you were booted out or cheated, or
what ever ... who would you chose NAR or TRA?
I will start the poll ... I vote for TRA.
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Hmm... in another thread you lamented the lack of unity in rocketry. How does this poll promote unity? Seems more geared to divisiveness.
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That's not a yes or no question, you forfeit ALL your remaining questions! (with apologies to John de Lancie) But my answer is "yes".
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Scott Schuckert
My answer is BLUE! Silly answer to a silly question. Blue, is always my answer when the question is silly. Ray has a very good point. Shouldn't we all be rallying together, rather than pushing further apart? Wouldn't it really just depend which area of rocketry you enjoy?
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