Oregon TRA or NAR Members

Hello All,
Are there any Oregon (TRA#44, TRA#49, or NAR#555) rocketry folks
hanging out here? I'm just getting back into high-power rocketry and I
have a few questions about these groups I'd like to ask. Nothing
technical, just some basic questions about the groups, the facilities
available, etc..
If you would like to respond offline, please reply to my email
Mick Newton
Email: snipped-for-privacy@direcway.com
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Michael Newton
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Yes, Oregonrocketry member, and TRA. The main club is based in Portland, with monthly meetings, and we launch monthly from April through October.
The Brothers Oregon launch site has the highest waiver in the west besides Blackrock. We've got a 35K waiver for scheduled launches and a standing 10K waiver for every weekend.
It is an incorporated non-profit club, with all the facilities and infrastructure, and a huge EX following. Maybe someday, we'll host an LDRS up here. :)
For more details visit
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or feel free to e-mail me.
Thanks, Mike Fisher Binder Design Rocketry
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And when you do I'll be sure to make it. I just love the pacific northwest.
Ted Novak TRA#5512
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That great!
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Jerry Irvine
Thanks for responding. I've already sent you a reply by email.
I can't wait to get out in the desert and launch some rockets. It's been too many years since the last time.
By the way, hosting an LDRS here in Oregon is a great idea. A few years ago I took the whole family to LDRS XIV at Black Rock and it was awesome. We all had a great time. It was even fun when the winds blew in the afternoon. It was hilarious watching people try to hold onto their stuff--tents, awnings, hats, kids, you name and it was blowing away. I also really like those huge spinning kite gizmos that some folks were flying.
Regards, Michael Newton TRA#4069
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Michael Newton

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