Macro for converting every line in a drawing into two lines

Hi all,
I am completely new to the whole Solidworks macro thing. I was
wondering if something like the following could be done:
1. Scan through the present drawing and for every line in the drawing:
2. Create two copies of the line which are offset from the present line
on both sides.
Basically, we have a drawing which cuts out fine on a machine which
creates "thick cuts", however, when we want to cut out the same file on
another machine which creates "thin cuts", some of the cuts are too
thin. I thought that doing something like this would enable me to
thicken the cuts on the second machine.
Thank you,
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Srinath Avadhanula
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Yup, should be possible.
Iterate through drawing views to select all edges and then use ModelDoc2::SketchOffset2.
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Mr. Who
This isn't a SolidWorks answer, but I'd look into using Cutter Radius Compensation (CRC) on your CNC mill if available. With CRC, you'd program the mill to the actual part dimension, and then the CNC generates a cutter path offset from your entered part size value by whatever diameter you tell it your cutter is.
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Tin Man
Hi Tin,
Thanks for the reply.
In my case, I am using a Laser Machine, not a mill. The machine we have doesn't have anything like CRC. It basically functions as a print driver so we need to create a solidworks file which it then cuts as seen.
Thanks, Srinath
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Srinath Avadhanula
Hi Mr. Who(?)
Thanks for the reply. Could you please elaborate on how one "iterates through drawing views"? The hint about ModelDoc2::SketchOffset2 is very helpful.
Thanks, Srinath
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Srinath Avadhanula
1. Use DrawingDoc::GetFirstView (returns sheet) 2. Then View::GetNextView to get each subsequent drawing view on that sheet
Not positive what you need here - sketch lines or edges. Big difference. For sketch lines: 1. View::GetSketch to get sketch associated with a view 2. Sketch::GetSketchSegments to get all sketch segments 3. SketchSegment::Select4 to select the sketch segments 4. ModelDoc2::SketchOffset2 to offset them
For drawing edges: 1. View::GetVisibleEntities to get all visible edges, faces and vertices 2. Entity::GetType to filter out edges 3. Entity::Select4 to select edges 4. ModelDoc2::SketchOffset2 to offset them
Good luck.
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Mr. Who

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