Show a dialog to retrieve and store additional information for a new drawing (programming)

I want to store information in the drawing(read dwg-file), which
contains information like the street, the house number and city. This
information has to be asked by a dialog, when a new drawing is
created. (autocad 2005)
This information can then be used by the website to show the drawing
for a certain address. (some batch job has to process the dwg-files
and retrieve the information and store it with the file location in
some database)
What would be the best way to ask the users for such information? It
would be nice to create a dialog with some dropdown's which contain
the streets (i did some experiments with blocks and attributes, but
I'm not satisfied with the result)
I have some programming skills, but i don't have a lot of autocad
When i posted this in the wrong group, please let me know.
Eduard Witteveen
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This question is potentially so big it's difficult to provide a succinct answer. Also my knowledge of how to effect such a solution is somewhat limited, so I'll restrict my answer to telling you what we do.
Whenever we have a new project, we fill out a php form which sends information to a mysql database. This info includes things like the project name, project number, postcode, briefing date, client contact, etc. Pressing 'Submit' on the form also does something else rather clever. It effectively creates a new project folder within in the "projects" folder, labeled with the name and number of the project. It also creates a bunch of files within these folders that are also numbered in this way (This is, in a sense, a redundancy but it makes it much easier to find your drawing or whatever from lists like 'recently opened' or whatever).
We then use diesel routines within autocad to populate titleblocks. We also use layouts, so the diesel routine often combines elements of the layout name with elements from either the filename or filepath. We don't, at present, use the information contained within the database in our drawings but it's a good idea, and must be possible using autocad database connectivity. Instead, we just have web pages showing all the projects and contacts. Clicking on an address brings up a map or address labels. There's another form that populates a letter with project and contact info prior to opening it in Word for further editing. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is this - start with the database, let it populate the drawing with this info, and not the other way round.
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If now did it the otherway around, by using a menu(^C^C_attdia;1;- vbaload;c:/projectname/SaveAddress.dvb;-vbarun;SaveAddress;). When this button is pressed, a vba dialog is shown, with embedded in it a webbrowser control(Microsoft webbrowser: system32/shdocvw.dll). This browser control provides me webpage, which will ask the user for data. When the button ok is clicked, the dialog will return the values from the webpage (from the elements with an: id) with the method: streetname = browser.Document.all("streetname").innerHTML. When all correct values are filled, then the dialog will close the vba will call the save as method, with the values filled in by the user.
Thank you for you response! but too bad i saw i just now
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