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Hi all,
I've been debugging my XMLPropWork utility and I've come across a
rather odd problem.
I'm using the MassProperty object to get the various mass properties of
the part/assembly. The MassProperty object lets the user specific to
what units to use and is generally a good thing, except. It's broken.
The values it generates (at least in my development) are incorrect for
the density and the volume. I'm using SWx 2005 so this might have been
fixed in 2006.
Has anyone else come across this? It's something of a problem as the
workaround is not trivial.
Oh, XMLPropWorks is an XML based Custom Property definition tool which
lets the user define how his Custom Properties tool works. It has the
ability to read from XML lists for pull down lists and read and write
to Access files for pull down lists and data summaries. It's currently
in beta test and when it's ready for prime time, I'll release it to the
unsuspecting public. It's not unlike swCP3 from Vinodh Kumar, but has
a lot of functionality I wanted that wasted in that package. He is one
of the beta testers and has graciously given me permission to borrow
his concept.
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Man. It works this morning. Must be ju-ju or something. Need to call Marie Laveau and have an exorcism of the computer demons.
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