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Can anyone advise me how to create a totally transparent material?
I want to show what is underneath a surface but when I apply 'water' or
'glass' I dont see to image clearly underneath. So I have adjusted the
Ambient/Specular/Transparancy etc... sliders with some degree of success but
I haven't reached total transparency.
Can anyone help?
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Make the material a 'Constant ' white in PW and then set transparency to 0% ( or it may be Matte - I can't rememeber at the moment)
That should do it.
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Not to be a smartass, but is there anything wrong with hiding the part, or using display states to put it in wireframe? Also it could be that you have face colors set, which would override the part color.
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I need a certain part of the model to show . If I hide it it will remove all of the part.
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I have set individual surfaces in a solid model as transparent on both the outside and inside of a single part in an assembly so those surfaces are totally "water" transparent from within the .SLDASM file.
it still shows the wireframe edge as in a cylinder's OD edge when that view is in the image to indicate a surface is still there.
All other surfaces show normally.
Select Surface, Edit Color & Optics, Optical Properties, Transparency = 1.00
(No I don't usually do models @ 3AM, but the neighbors had a party. Oh well.)
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