More Service Pack 2.1 Problems

After many hours of downloading, I was finally greeted
with this message...
formatting link

SolidWorks actually changed the file as I was half-way
through downloading it.
Now we have 2.1 OLD and 2.1 NEW.
So if anyone is on dial-up trying to get this latest Service
Pack, don't be surprised if your file fails.
Does anyone else think SW should have changed the
rev to 2.2? I know this is a bizarre case, but yet it
happened didn't it? I guess it's damned if you doo
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
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Darn, Mike, are you trying to help or make sense of this?? Hmm,..
2.1a 2.11 2.101 2.1hollysh@! 2.1_the_latest_1 .. .
"Mike J. Wils>
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Paul Salvador
Get rid of the 2.1 that you have now and download again. You shouldn't have the same problem.
Apparently what SW did is remove debugging information from the 2.1 upgrade. You were unfortunate enough to be downloading when they changed files. The removal of the debugging information is supposed to speed up install times.
So yes there is now a 2.1a and 2.1b, both functionally the same, but one takes a lot longer to install.
Mike J. Wils> After many hours of downloading, I was finally greeted
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"Mike J. Wilson" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
Yes, I personally think you are right and SolidWorks should have called the new SP 2.2 according to their own policies.
They changed the file, and this is enough to have to change the servicepack version number.
I can hear the bitching between VARs and their customers about the time the SP 2.1 update takes:
VAR: "What SP do you have?" CUS: "The most recent one, 2.1" VAR: "Yeah, but WHICH 2.1?" CUS: "??????????"
Mike, you are not alone, but at least I download the SPs in about 45 minutes SCNR :-))
Bye, Stefan
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Stefan Berlitz
unless everyone on the block is d/l-ing it at the same time.
in which case, change that to 6 weeks. ;)
--nick e.
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Nick E.

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