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I am looking for SW modeling services. I draft furniture in 2D AutoCAD and need 3D models. I want SW models so I can use them for publishing assembly documentation. Some understanding of woodworking joints would be helpful but not mandatory. the dwg's pretty much show what I need and I can add more detail when needed. I am looking for maybe an independant contractor, someone who wants to work at home after work. Small workload, maybe 15 items to start.

Here is the spec I have currently developed. Any comments on the spec or people who might be interested. snipped-for-privacy@sonomaproducts.comMM

  1. 3D SolidWorks model reflecting the same part sizes and arrangements as detailed in the 2D drawing. The drawings maight not contain dimensions but are always drawn to exact scale.

  1. The models must be built as true assemblies with each part modeled separately and assembled into the final form such that each part can be isolated.

  2. Identical parts should be implemented using the standard multi- instance methods of best practice in SolidWorks.

  1. No specifc part or assembly parameters are required. No specific constraint methods are required. The modeler may use any of these they choose but it should be the mimimun required to create the model as described in the 2D drawing.

  2. No 2D views, drawings or details are required.
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Hi SonomaProducts...

I think a little extra information might help anyone who may be interested in replying to your request:

You want SW models so you can use them for publishing assembly documentation... So, 1) do you have SW (or access to SW) yourself to be able to manipulate the model after receiving it (e.g.exploded views, etc) or are you looking for not only the 3D SW model but a series of views created with it to make the documentation? And, 2) If you want to do that post-model work, you may want to state the SW year you need the models in...if you've got e.g. SW2007 you'd better make sure that you don't get models from a later edition. And, 3) I recommend that you add to your spec. that the assembly model passes an 'Interference Detection' test.

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#2 =3D Bottom-up design.

Sadly,... your type of work is perfect for Top-down design and what makes parametric design shine.


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Thanks for the input.

  1. I'll use the models in SW. I don't currently own it but I'll buy the latest version and some add on's. I used to work for Autodesk and have Inventor and experience with it but the add-ons available for SW fit my needs better. So I'll make explodes, 2D drawings, rendered images, etc. I just don't have time to learn how to model like a pro, so what I can do in 10 hours I can get done in an hour if I pay someone.

  1. Answered above.

  2. Nice additi> Hi SonomaProducts...
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Not sure why sadly.

Eventually I will have designs that will benefit from design tables and smart c> #2 =3D Bottom-up design.

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Thanks all. I have several responses and I think from those who responded I'll be able to find just what I need.

For those that responded, I'll be sending out an RFP with a sample dwg and answering questions posed by each.


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In addition to all what all said , will you be looking for some rendering also on the models as you need them for publishing or just plain models .


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