Only affects sheet metal parts

Xp Pro SP2
Sw office pro 2006 sp0.0
Help wanted please!
I have a main assembly that was built in SW Office Pro 2005 sp4.1
In this assembly is a sub-assembly which has just one sheet metal part.
Whenever I rebuild the main assembly this sheet metal part, (not the drawing
for this part), shows that a change has taken place in this part document.
When I open the drawing for this part it needs to be saved due to a change
in the part.
I then made another sheet metal pat in sw2006, added this to the sub
assembly and this part also changes when I rebuild the main assembly.
Both of these parts are simple plates with notches, 1 flange and 3 mates to
a frame.
There are no configurations in any part and/or the sub-assembly that are in
the main assembly.
All drawings are 1 part 1 drawing.
This may be related, but on checking in any assembly everything gets checked
in, but all of the part drawings show that they have changed and I have to
check these in again individually.
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a 06 bug? in the meantime perhaps you can suppress the sheetmetal parts until the end or just make them as a part for the assy rather than sheetmetal? BTW you are probably a bit naughty for moving to a new release mid way through a project...
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