New 2006 install video issue/problem ?

I just installed 2006 sp0.0 from CD.
Did a full uninstall of 2005, including a registry "sweep"
NOTE: Also cleaned up the hard drive, defrag, etc. before the install of
I then updated the service pack to the latest 0.0 to 3.1 ( 0.0 to 3.0 not on
list). I know the sp3.1 just updates Chinese functions, but again 0.0 to
3.1 was the only selection available.
When the update was done, I ran 2006 sp3.1, and found very strange "real
view" rendering problems... missing parts, surfaces, etc.
I have been running the latest nVidia FX1100 drivers (71.84) under 2005 sp
2.0 for a while (mid Oct?) with no issues. These drivers have been OKed
since June 2005.
Any one having similar issues? What should I try? I can hardly wait to
By the way the specific test I did when I first ran 2006, sp3.1 was make a
1" cube, with a .2" dome on one end. It rendered fine in a few materials,
but chrome (and a few others) had missing surfaces, and of course the domed
top surface. When I opened an existing assembly, all h3ll broke loose, allot
of missing items and surfaces.
Help please,
P.S. To make things even worse, I fell and broke my wrist, and injured my
shoulder, and thus have canceled SWW2006, now in a depressed state... but I
have pain pills though 8-}
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Aron Bacs, Jr.
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After a few boot ups every thing is working...steel, copper, chrome, they all work with no missing anything.
Now I wonder what is really wrong!
P.S. 2006 seems a little slower than 2005 to me so far, especially to load both itself and opening a file.
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Aron Bacs, Jr.

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