OT. Blocking the Display of certain Profiles in Google Groups

Hi all, I haven't been active for some time (I felt a bit unwelcome after making some comments about US govt. and WMD's etc. and getting canned for it) but I have still been trawling the posts for interesting discussion.

In an effort to avoid conflict with others, and also to make conversations easier to follow, is there a way of blocking the display of a certain person/persons in Google groups? I have read in some of the posts, of people having done this, and I have not been able to find out how to do this.

PS. I hope no one is overly offended by what this implies, but I'm not really interested in trawling through rants, and have noticed over the last few months that good conversations seem to have dwindled. It seems to me that there are many others that probably feel similar to this.

Regards Dominic.

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It would be nice if Google Groups just automatically filtered JB and Cliff. No such luck. Google Groups beta has no plonl list as yet that I am aware of.

I also use Google Groups (mostly so I d> Hi all, I haven't been active for some time (I felt a bit unwelcome

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There is, sort of.

If you use Firefox for your browsing, a kind individual named Damian Penney has written a Greasemonkey (a Firefox extension) script to killfile individuals.

You can learn more at

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It works pretty well. It's definitely not nFilter, but it's better than nothing. And yes, Jon and Cliff were my first two selection. It works better if you don't use the titles only view in Google Groups. If you use titles only it will display entries made by those killfiled.


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