pack and go sw2007

Anyone using pack and go. Found it a little confusing and sporatic. Had
an assy with a part & dwg under it. Wanted to copy the part/dwg and
update it in the assy to the new name. Worked if I had the assy checked
but did not copy parts if the assy was not checked. Went through it
with 2 different people from my var and they had the same problem. No
real answers, had to hack through and try different things to get my
results. Have not tried to change a part in multiple assy yet. Also
tried to rename an assy along with renaming part/dwg. When asked am I
sure I want to update assy and hit yes it did not work. Went back in
with my var and we picked no to the same question and it worked. I'm
not sure the correct procedure to do this except to hack through it
each time until I do it enough to be used to it.
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