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I would like to pattern a part off of a sketch in an assembly (I can do this this is not the issue) and then I want have all the individual entities (parts) get a unique name and be saved as a unique part.

I would assume I would just dissolve the pattern but then how to I get each part to pick up a unique name and then save out as a new part?

How would I go about doing this?


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Ben Eadie
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You can't do that from an assembly, but if you pattern them as bodies inside a part and then use the Save Bodies command, you can save each of them to a different file name. I'm not sure what you're trying to do after that, but you will have a "base part" situation, rather than having independent feature trees.

Depending on what you're trying to do, this might also be a good use for configurations.


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One solution comes to mind.

  1. Pattern it accordingly and dissolve the pattern, just as you have already mentioned.
  2. In Windows Explorer, copy the part however many times it is needed, and give the new copies the unique names that you want.
  3. Back to the assembly, use the Replace Part command on each of the parts you want to be unique. Just make sure that in this command, ALL INSTANCES is unchecked. You will have to do this one at a time for each of the parts you want to be unique.

Warning: If the original part has any in-context relations, the copies will not update with any changes.

Hope this helps!

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Seth Renigar


I was thinking of doing that but there are a lot of parts to deal with here, guess I will have to quit being lazy and just do it



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