PDMWorks Problem

Yor problem has nothing to do with the mapped drives or PDMWorks.
I have configured PDMWorks Vaults on many Windows machines as well as
a Novell Server. The requirements for PDMWorks are that the license
server is a Windows machine that requires a computer name or more
specifically a UNC unified naming convention ie the server name:
//Server1 The UNC is required because the service that runs the
PDMWorks Application starts up before the mapping of drives on the
license server. The server name must be incorrect or else. Update
your PDMWorks client software on the machine1 to point to a vault
location for the machine2 UNC and it will use the server permissions
to address the vault through the PDMWorks application service not the
mapping of drives.
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Daniel B. Nordeen
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Dude, you're on crack. It looks like you are essentially correct, but the words you have used make me wonder if we are talking about the same thing.
snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net (Daniel B. Nordeen) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
Well, you're right about the mapped drives anyway.
That's ok, I still think you're on crack.
Whoa! Who said anything about a license server? This should be the Vault Server. The vault is unlicensed. But you're right it has to go on a windows box.
You're gonna confuse someone. You're talking about mapped drives and UNC, someone is going to try to do the same thing with the UNC that they are trying to do with a mapped drive, which still wouldn't work. All they need is the server name (Server1 no \\) or the IP address.
Ok, you're right as long as you replace "UNC" with "server name" and replace "license server" with "vault server" and if you would stop even mentioning mapped drives since they are irrelevant.
Is this a threat?
Be careful when you use sharp pointy words like that. The words "update your ... software" sounds like you are updating software. I know you just mean to change the name of the server on the login screen to the correct name (without UNC or mapped drive).
Remember, though, that if you were to "update the software" the vault should be updated first, and it will update the clients automatically. You will get vault errors if your client software is newer than the vault.
Yeah, something like that. I know what you are trying to say, but someone who wasn't clear on it might get a little turned around. Anyway, no harm done.
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Could you please elaborate a bit more please,ie with some naming conventions examples?
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In an effort to be more explicit I will just send you the Vault Debug Guide and you can read about how determine if you are using the correct settings.
Sorry the previous message was not as clear as it normally would be!
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Daniel B. Nordeen

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