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Is it possible to install the VaultData on a Linux server. I know that > the services have to be on a Windows machine, but was curious as to > whether the VaultData could be on the Linux box. > > StevenP >

Using Samba I'm sure you could. But what about performance issues with having your data separated from the server?

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Joel Moore
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As long as the server service has write access and you can see it as a drive from the windows server, I don't see why not. From what I understand, the data does not go from the vault to the server to the client, it goes directly from the vault to the client. I haven't tested it, but I got that from a pretty good source.

Let us know what happens when you try it.



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Sorry, no luck with getting it to work. I can get the VaultData to install on the network drive(Linux Box), but I can't Login using the VaultAdmin. I get the standard error telling me to check that the vault name is correct.

Any other thoughts.

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StevenP (StevenP) wrote in news:

You're entering the name (or IP) of the computer where the server service is running (windows box) right?

Can you ping the computer that is running the pdmwService.exe service?

You installed the vault executables on the windows box as administrator?


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Thanks for you help. I managed to get it to work. I was entering the name of the server computer rather than the computer where the service was installed. My VaultData directory is now on the Linux box and everything is working fine.

Tx StevenP

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