PhotoWorks HELP!!!

I rarely ever do plastic product design, only mold design. Therefore I
never have a need to use PhotoWorks. So I really don't know how to use it
very well.
I am on a project now where I am doing some product design for a customer.
To sell the design to him, I needed to render it as closely as I could to
the molded part. I think I have done decent considering that I have been
using PW for a whole 5 hours.
But I have run into a problem. When I render it, there are some surfaces,
that are hidden from view, that show up with a bunch of black lines. I
can't figure out what the problem is.
Since it is difficult to explain, and the fact that I probably wouldn't
understand your suggestions due to lack of PW knowledge, I was wondering if
any of you PW gurus would be willing to take a look at it to see if you can
figure out the problem. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the
render, I am all ears. If you will, I will send you the parts and assembly
(6 small parts) as well as the custom PW materials that I used by using the
"Pack and Go" feature of PW if you want.
Any takers?
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Seth Renigar
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Oh, one other thing. It would have to be done in SW2004 since that is what I am using (no conversions).
Thanks again,
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Seth Renigar

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