Pocket screw holes. SmartFastener?

I'm wondering how difficult it would be to setup a macro or SmartFastener to "cut" pocket screw holes into a part. For all practical purposes, the part cross-section is rectangular, very often 3/4" thick stock or plywood.

The pocket hole is angled 15 deg, cut by a stepped drill, 1/2" diameter for screw head clearance, and a 3/4" long smaller diameter clearance hole for #10 screw. The holes are (of course) concentric. Normally, the hole centerline pierces the mating face at its centerline, but it would be useful to optionally specify the edge distance.

Ideally, I would like to select the edge between the mating face and the "open" face, and identify the open face. (The open face is the face that will be drilled, and from which the screw is driven.) Also, it would be very useful to space the holes automagically. For "wide" parts, one screw at the part center and one at 1" in from the part edge on each side, but not less than 4" apart. If the part is wider, space additional screws at approximate

6" centers. For narrow stock, other rules will be applied.

Is this suitable to implement as a SmartFastener? Would it be a specialized macro? Where would I begin reading to find the information that I need? Would it be possible to maintain the holes as a group, and later edit spacing, etc. parameters?


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