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Network Blitz Hi I have a problem with an assembly. I have drawn a castor wheel,with a 80mm bolt( much like a shopping trolley),by fixing the bolt, I can rotate the wheel and castor, in all the directions that it should rotate and not in the directions that it shouldn't.. the problem comes when I insert this assembly in to another assembly (25mm square extruded box section). it refuses to rotate at all. Even if I don't constrain it to the other parts in the second assembly, and just fix the bolt. I am only using the concentic and coincident mates in the castor assembly. Another problem that I have is that if I try to contrain (coincident and concentric) the castor to the tube insert( which contrained to the box section) I get an error stating that the assembly is over constrained! but without these constraints the castor would fall off!! Oh! one more thing, Smart fasteners, AAhhhh! Am I trying to use this the wrong way? I have a 25mm square box section with two, "4mm tapped holes"(not cut extrusions) and a planel with two 4.2mm cut extrusion holes. I want to fix the panel to the box section using two, 4mm panhead screws and washers, but smart fasteners states that there are no suitable holes?? Hmmmm, I will learn this program one day, maybe? lol

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check your Online User's Guide under "Flexible Sub-Assemblies" to solve your first problems. About Smart Fasteners, the general idea is that they should fit into HoleWizard holes with matching size (according to ISO, ANSI...)

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Pay particular close attention to the requirement to have different configurations of the subassembly if you use it more than once in your upper level assembly. The configurations can be identical, but you can't have more than one flexible subassembly otherwise. SolidWorks will give you rebuild errors.


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