BOM Problems with smart fastener SW 03 sp5.0

It's my understanding that the order in which the BOM is created is the
order that the parts are listed in the Feature Manager tree. Why is it that
I have a few different smart fasteners in the assembly some have a top stack
LW at first they were shown under the fastener in the BOM, now they have
moved to the bottom of the BOM list and all my part numbers are in a
different order. This change happened after I made some changes to the
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Nathan Feculak
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Do a RMB on the BOM and then properties/control, and see if the checkbox is checked for "Row numbers follow assembly ordering." It sounds like it isn't because without that checked, a some changes in parts will cause the BOM to put them at the bottom.
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Wayne Tiffany
I am not sure about Smart Fastners but this is a known problem with assembly patterns and the BOM.
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