Why is it when I carefully arrange my assembly feature tree so all the modeled parts are in numerical order, the parts list pops in a few nuts and bolts in the middle of my drawing numbers? Could it be some earlier fastener pattens, or the small air cylinder assy that pattened around?

Ah... but SW provides an escape route. Use the contents editor to rearrange things so the fasteners are all down where they belong at the bottom and the drawn items are at the top of the BOM where they belong.

But.. the balloons don't know that contents editor has told them to shift around and still display the're old assembly order.

Sheesh... am missing something? or is this how it works on 2005 sp 3.1?

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Cam J
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In the drawing view with the balloons: RMB, properties, select "Keep linked to BOM" \/\/im

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Thanks \/\/im

I've never noticed that before... must have been turned on in 2004.

I wonder why I learn most things the hard way.

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Cam J

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