Need help with inserting a part into a new part

I need to make a part that basically is an M6 hex bolt with a banana jack integrated into the head. I'm using this shape on a circuit breaker, and would like to treat the finished circuit breaker as a part rather than a subassembly.

I've got the breaker finished, two centers marked for these funny M6 shapes, and was hoping to use the "Insert -> Part..." method for stacking on an M6 nut, then bossing out a representation of the banana jack.

Problem is, I don't know my head from my tail and can't get the nut to merge where I want it. The equivalent in an assembly would be something like a coincident mate of the faces of the nut and breaker, then a concentric mate of the nut and a pilot hole on the breaker or something.

Is there an online tutorial or how-to that may help me get my head around the nitty gritty details with topics like:

"Transfer" "Locate Part" "Translate" "Rotate"

I understand the easy stuff, like Rotate, but collectively I'm lost.


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I am not aware of any tuts other than the info in the help. I am also no expert but here are some ideas that may help

1.if you plan ahead and think about the alignment of the origins of your 2 parts this will make it easier to bring in the part pretty much where you need to since this is the default coincident positioning of the insert 2.otherwise if you bring in a part that is flipped make some 90 deg rotations to get it planar and accept that. then use your measure tool to find its translation-offset- and use that info to correctly position it
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come to think of it 'Join' may be a better option for you

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