PWx-2, rendering time, and file choice?

Has anyone done any studies on whether rendering time takes a hit depending on what type of file you render to? For instance, I presume that rendering to a JPEG file would take longer because some sort of compression has to happen (compression=extra processing=extra time).

Like a good drone, I've kept rendering to BMP files because that's the Microsoft standard and what PWx has been using for years. But boy, I'd hate to be missing out if rendering to a TIFF (or whatever) carried a few percent advantage (just as I expect our JPEG leaning friends on the NG would appreciate finding out if they were getting spanked by their file choice.)

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I did a quick test here this morning and rendered a plant layout I'm working on. Same time for JPG, TIFF and BMP..4min 50sec..big difference in file size though, JPG 1,98MB, TIFF 22,2MB and BMP 18,28MB and You cant use the same settings for TIFF as for JPG....transparacy shows up different. Funny thing was that yesaterday afternoon the JPG took me 3-4 hrs to render. I'm currently working at home on a laptop and have all files stored in a briefcase, guess the long time is related to new filelocations, coz once I came through the first rendering everything goes somooth.

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