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The 'Four Dimensions' e-Programmer services
Thank you for your continuing support and patronage.
One of our premier programming services is the Four Dimension
Technologies e-Programmer services. As the name indicates, the
e-Programmer provides a service for AutoCAD users to gain access to a
rapid AutoCAD GIS/Mapping programming source over the Internet.
Picture this! You have a deadline to meet and there is a whole lot of
project work to do. You have identified the CAD procedures to follow
and hired the CAD operators to do the work. Now, they could have done
it much faster if you could add in some customization. It may be very
simple and straightforward or it may be some very complex data
crunching operations. It could be something to speed up their work or
for you to do quality checks.
Now this is the all-important question? Where will you go at this last
hour to find a programmer, explain the work, negotiate the cost and
wait for the results to be completed.
Look no further! We have the right skills and the mindset to deliver
the solutions for you promptly. You shoot an e-mail to us and tell
your requirements. Please be as clear and specific as possible. We
study the requirements and give you an estimate quote by return e-mail
within 24 hours. You give us the go-ahead and we program it for you
and deliver to your e-mailbox. Most apps can be completed and
delivered in just about 2-3 days after the work was first initiated.
You pay us using your credit card through our secure online e-shop.
Here, we are not talking about developing full-fledged applications
but about a quick set of programs or routines that is needed on a
one-off basis for a project or it could as well be a piece of routine
that you liked in one of our products like GeoTools and want it
tweaked for your company's specific use and standards. e-Programmer
are priced very competitively and it is unlikely you will find this
level of quality AND cost anywhere else. In fact, we have a upper
limit cap of US$ 100 for the programming that we provide under this
brand name. Anything higher in quote would likely not be delivered
within 72 hours which is the target of e-Programmer services. You
could ask us to do something as simple as a $10 job. You do not have
to pay hefty programmer salaries anymore. E-mail us now with your
requirements and for more info. 
The idea behind e-Programmer services is to provide quick, robust and
cost-effective customization solutions for AutoCAD.
- Rakesh Rao
- Four Dimension Technologies
- Coordinate Systems
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