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No instability problems here. Works as good for me as all the other SP's have...which for me that has been good.

Regards, Scott

Hi group > > If some of you have tried 2003 SP4, please post some comments > concerning som of the issues you have expirienced. Especially > concernening stability. > > Thanks > > Kent
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seems good for me too... I had some major problems with configs in SP3.1 that appear to have been fixed

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Be VERY careful if you use API a lot. Several objects works different or not at all. No documentation what so ever.

I have 12 seats and have spend hours and hours to find out what have changed an try to make a fix. I haven't found everything yet so some application just dont work anymore.

It all worked in SP2.0 but 3.1 and 4.0 are API-killers.

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At least DrwDoc.SetupSheet4 works differently (my fault I guess - I did not add extension to the templatename but it worked before SP4.0) An other one is Sketch.GetReferenceEntity that simply returned "nothing" for SP3.1, but only in some special cases. I keep a few seats on "low" SP's so testing similar conditions is possible. I had to rewrite my program using another approch. Therefore haven't I tested it in SP4.0.

There are more but they are not identified yet.

My problem is that I distribute API as .exe og .dll so debugging is hard - especially when my users just say "It doesn't work - I forgot what I did, but the program failed. Please help ASAP", but I guess most users are like this :-)

I am happy when new and updated functions are added, but please leave the old ones untouched.

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