Re: How Drilling Should Be Done!

> You do know if you personally go to the page 114 times you will have ov= er
> > 100 hits on the counter?
> > =A0Just a heads up for ya, lol
> Barn put twice as many hits on his own "Cam Centric Blog", after the
> last time Banquer claimed it was impossible to spike your own hits. >
> So technically, Barn actually has the most successful "Cam Centric > Blog".
I am just amazed that Yoni actually thinks people visit there on
purpose. You think he would get a clue...with over 20,000 hits and
only 5 or 6 replies to his bullshit. What the fuck does "Cam-Centric"
mean anyway??? A google search turned up this...
formatting link

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"In systems where slurries, grit, or solids are present"
Valves for effluent and solid waste. How appropriate........
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John R. Carroll
Your one & constant concern is trying to drill a few holes & even that simple task is well beyond your limited comprehension.
BTW, 2 > 1.
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Nope. You just copied stuff you don't have a clue about from elsewhere. Not that it can be seen well anyway. Or validates in any way your idiot clueless claims.
BTW, How are your charts of depths vs angles coming along? Every .001" IIRC .... for how many angles?
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