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This is why so many places now days use temps, temp-to-hire agencies, it limits risk and liability. If the person can't perform company just calls the agency and says don't send them back, they don't have to give a reason.
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This just hit my in box and may be of interest to the group, esp.
the shop owners or managers.
Who Qualifies as CNC Machine Operators?
Who Qualifies as CNC Machine Operators? Until now, "no method has
existed for employers to reliably and consistently validate that
an applicant actually has the skills needed for CNC operation."
So says Greg Chambers, president of the U.S. National Institute
for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). Beginning April 1, 2009, however,
NIMS will offer two national certifications for CNC Machine
operators: one for CNC milling operations; the other for CNC
lathe operations. The certifications will, for the first time,
give employers a reliable means of checking the credentials of
machining job candidates. "Even in a shrinking economy," Chambers
points out, "a large number of good paying jobs go unfilled" due
to a lack of consistent training.
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Unka' George [George McDuffee]
He that will not apply new remedies,
must expect new evils:
for Time is the greatest innovator: and
if Time, of course, alter things to the worse,
and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better,
what shall be the end?
Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman.
Essays, "Of Innovations" (1597-1625).
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F. George McDuffee
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NIMS is growing as a certification entity. Kind of like SAE standards and certs for car mechanics, a NIMS certification tells an employer you actually had to produce a usable part in whatever category you got the cert in.
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Charlie Gary
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Certifications mean nothing. I know people who have served formal apprenticeships and have journeyman's papers for either foundry pattern making or mold making who couldn't build a pattern or a mold without having their hands held if their lives depended on it.
This looks like just another way to extract money out of people and business under the guise of being for a good cause.
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Black Dragon
================== Many a truth is oft spake in jest.....
This may have some potential.
I can see two sections:
(1) General business knowledge, and
(2) Machining specific knowledge.
While possession of such certification would not insure success, it could have the possibility to limit or reduce the chance of failure. (There is of course the problem that just because someone knows better, they may not do better, but still...)
I can see this becoming part of the SBA loan or machine leasing application process by asking for your "shop owners or managers certification number" on the form, similar to the ISO9000 question.
What are the groups suggestions for some specific areas/items where knowledge/ability should be verified, and some possible questions (w/answers)?
Unka' George [George McDuffee] ------------------------------------------- He that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils: for Time is the greatest innovator: and if Time, of course, alter things to the worse, and wisdom and counsel shall not alter them to the better, what shall be the end?
Francis Bacon (1561-1626), English philosopher, essayist, statesman. Essays, "Of Innovations" (1597-1625).
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F. George McDuffee
Several decades ago I was a welder at Spectra Physics, they filled a TIG welding position with a guy that was supposed to be certified. He couldn't even turn on the TIG welder, being confused by the plethora of switches and dials. I was a bit miffed at first that I had to train someone making more than me, but he and I ended up becoming good friends. He was certified, a certified hard facer from a copper mine....
Another place hired some bozo from China with a stack of certs almost an inch thick. You'd think he could corner weld a sheet metal cash register box. Nope....
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Jon Anderson
I assure you I wasnt jesting.
I have worked, for a short time, for a few real dingbats that have no business in the trade. One that was a truck driver for 30 years before buying a shop. I finally told him "I have been a machinst for longer than you have been a truck driver, the difference is I dont try to tell you how to drive a truck." He thinks spindle bearings are the same as wheel bearings...
One job lasted 1/2 hour when the bozo yelled at me for bringing up the fact that the 2" (if memory serves) reamer he provided me to do a job with looked like it had been sharpened on a sidewalk and was going to stick, then stuck in the part. Part for F14 landing gear, aerospace in the name of the shop (Boise, Idaho).
Then the nepotism issue raises it's ugly head...
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Totally unecessary.
If the guy stays in business for a long period of time, he knows enough.
The market takes care of it. No need for the government or some other entity to attempt regulation.
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K. Gringioni
Absolutely hilarious, dude. A must-see for Bottle.... :) The ATM receipt was hilarious.....
Apparently these guys have a following.... 3,000,000+ hits, 3,000+ comments. Some of their stuff has 13+ million hits...
I wonder what city this was filmed in?
Even the wife was laughin.... 'course, she also calls me by my new name (PimpMagic), AND now refers to me in the third person, as in, Did PimpMagic make iny new parts today?? No, not really; PimpMagic had a headache today....
I think those Conchord muthafuckas stole some of MY shit....
Another very good parody (7 million hits):
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In both of these, the complete lyrics are given. Actually, very good. Bri'ish, donchaknow...
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Proctologically Violated©®
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I was gonna say the same damn thing, figured I'd get hammered from all the new englanders with their overly apprenticed skilless machinists they keep sending to Florida wanting 30$ an hr.
Yah..I said it!
Truth of the matter is people need some kind of basic training. How many times when working with someone you say "go do that on the lathe real quick...uhhh, I never ran a lathe". After a while you have a 20$ an hr guy who can't do diddly except one thing. But...if I had to pick, and all was the same except one guy was showing me apprentice papers, id pick the non apprenticed guy. I know he isnt from Massachusets at least.
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And with the massive versions of machines * (times) massive number of versions of CNC programming code (a.k.a. sometimes G-Code) and do we list environments, controllers, computers, CAD. Oh yea that can be on a simple test. NOT.
Black Drag>
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Martin H. Eastburn
This song/video really should be our National Anthem....
"Too many mutha uckers uckin with *our* shi....." Ahm uckin dyin over here, dyin....
From some of the comments, it looks like this was in fact filmed in NYC (Brooklyn, it looks like) for HBO, and the group is from New Zealand.
I'm up to about 20 viewings.... effing hilarious.... esp. 0:40-1:30, which has the ATM shtick.... brilliant....
Watch it again, bottle -- you will be tested.
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Proctologically Violated©®
I'm sorry, I'd rather have my eyeballs popped out, squashed in a hydraulic press, and the stumps cleaned with Acetone, then cauterized with a propane torch.
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Honestly? I think the people doing the hiring need to be trained how to interview and have a set of questions, written even, which will help determine if a potential employee actually possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job. Nothing is fool poof, there is always going to people way over selling themselves who will slip by.
And dayum, after spending 13 years with one company, then 12 with the next, I've had four different jobs during the last five years looking for a place I like working at (I finally found it) and have been interviewed by people who haven't the slightest clue as to what questions they should be asking a potential new hire. The idiot who hired me at my last job knew all the latest buzzwords related to hard milling and high speed machining but knew fuck all how they applied to the job and had very little understanding of the technology he played a large part in purchasing. And man, I never saw a guy suck his own cock like this dipshit did. At first it was funny, but it eventually became the filthiest thing I've ever seen in my near 30 years in the trade.
The last interview I had from which I was offered a job I turned down was done by someone who actually understood the technology behind high speed mold machining and was a former shop owner himself. I have no doubt he found the right person to fill the position because he knew what questions to ask and had more than fundamental understanding of the technology.
That, in my own jaded opinion, is far more important than some CNC operator certification training project. Training is already readily available to those who want it, why add more hoops to jump through at the expense of others?
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Black Dragon

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