Re: Solidmodeling using surfaces

>>> v>>>> What's ya'll thoughts on using surfacing in the creation and
>>>> modification of solids?
>>>> Any software, but I'm mostly interested in your thoughts on >>>> solidworks.
>>>> The more I use surfs, the more I feel half of solid modeling should be
>>>> the use of surfs.
> A BSURF solid is just a closed volume .... closed by surfaces (faces). >
>>>> I asked around my local world, nobody uses surfs at all except to >>>> maybe
>>>> offset a core from a cavity, or an electrode from a cavity. I feel so >>>> alone! lol
>>> For moldmaking, surfacing is a must IMHO.
>>> But VX handles faces/surfaces the same as it treats 'solids'. They are >>> all
>>> 'shapes' to VX.
>> Solidworks makes it feel like surfs are the unwanted stepchild left over
>>from days gone by.
> I doubt that the kernel cares, all else being equal.
> BUT do you want or need a history-based constrained parametric
> solids modeler?
> Or do you even need solids?
Thats kinda funny(not). We solid model every single electrode we make. Even
if its...a diameter. I'd say 70% of the time it is wasted time. It makes you
feel stupid to model a square. Then make setup sheets, inspection sheets,
etc... export to a cam cut a damn square.
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LOL...............funny little man.......
Jon, you are a machine operator who picked up some buzzwords while recently trying to learn SolidWorks. You are posing as an expert where all you are is a beginner who is copying buzzwords and parroting* what you read and watched videos of.
"my copy of SolidWorks 2007 Bible showed up today." - Jon Banquer - May 31, 2007
"SolidWorks has changed so much since I've been away from it and I feel like I'm really far behind." - Jon Banquer - Aug. 8, 2007
SolidWorks 2007 Bible "the content is just superb!" - Jon Banquer - Aug 8, 2007
"It takes a lot of effort to really understand SolidWorks." - Jon Banquer - Aug 8, 2007
"SolidWorks is consuming every available minute of my learning time right now." - Jon Banquer - Aug 12, 2007
Matt Lombard, author SolidWorks 2007 Bible to Jon Banquer "I prefer a rational discussion between people who really use the software. You prove on a regular basis that you can't be rational, and you have never said anything that makes me believe you have more than a passing familiarity with SolidWorks." - Matt Lombard, author - SolidWorks 2007 Bible - Aug 19, 2007 -
To repeat or imitate, especially without understanding.
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Tom....Please stop posting the facts about jonnies shortcomings and inadvertent little "white lies". Your puttin a real damper on my "Hero Worship".
Thank you Barn
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I am seeing a common thread, are you the one that left this gem on the Novedge blog?
"Jon Banquer is a breath of fresh air in a smog filled world." - Posted by: Jerry - July 06, 2007 -
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LOL, Tom
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All you do is post your crib notes Jon.
Would that be before or after I made the recommendation you use it at your new job?
I said I never had a problem hiring machinist in San Diego and I was in charge and actually hiring the machinists.
I worked in San Diego and lived there during the work week.
On a limited basis I do.
LOL, coming from a machine operator masquerading as a SolidWorks expert (eggspurt).
"For the record I like SolidWorks" Jon Banquer April 10, 1998
"Without a doubt SaladWorks is a complete piece of shit" - Jon Banquer - May 21, 2006
"SolidWorks is consuming every available minute of my learning time right now." - Jon Banquer - Aug 12, 2007
"Original thought is overrated.", "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." - Jon Banquer- May 12, 2007
"Obviously I don't think" - Jon Banquer - May 21, 2006
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Not much as I'd like to take the credit, it wasn't my post. Ya know, I always believed that Folini just did that interview as a joke for everyones entertainment and jonnie just ate it up thinkin the guy was serious. I mean....why interview a "machine operator" after the list of CEO's, CAD/CAM specialists, etc. he normally interviews. I picture Folini askin questions and doin everything possible to keep from laughin and pissin himself.
On the other hand... I agree with the statement above though, jonnie is a breath of fresh air for me. He's gotta be the funniest dude in here....well....except for PV when he calls BD a "prick" all the time. Don't know why but that really cracks me up.
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To Jon "And still you claim a virtual title of expert CAD user"
"Never made this claim. Got proof that I have said I'm an expert user"- Jon Banquer - July 21, 2007
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No SolidWorks required Jon and unlike yourself, I don't hold myself out as an expert unless I actually know something about the subject. Vero has an Electrode Manager that is very complete and it's my tool of choice for that sort of thing.
I model assemblies in CATIA, not SolidWorks, and I'm glad I skipped the step that using SolidWorks would have represented.
There isn't anything to realize beyond the fact that you are a complete k00k. You have managed to remove all doubt in that regard so it isn't an epiphany.
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J Carroll

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