Hello Everyone,

I checked out the demo link to SW 2008 @

formatting link
was curious to see what the improvements on the drawing side are just to find a demo, that shows 2003 functionality. Rob Rodriguez is right, the best part is the intro video (unfortunately).

I would like to invite everyone out there that is somehow sufficient with Solidworks and has tested 2008 to post two ratings. One rating should reflect your personal skill level (1=poor 100=expert) and the other should reflect the boost of performance that one might anticipate from the new version. Here again I would like everyone out there to rate the performance boost due to using 2008 with (1=hardly noticable 100=drastic increase in work performance/ efficiency) Just post it in the form skill-50/perf-25. I am curious to see how many out there actually see an increase in performance due to the new release.

Don't try to be over critical with the rating, just pick a number that kind of reflects the big picture.

Let's see, if Solidworks prooves itself to significantly improve workflow. Eman

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skill-80/perf-(-20) (that's negative)


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