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When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!! > -
> I think you must know what I?m talking about. Together, a heavy foreign accent,
> coupled with a lousy phone connection can only mean one thing... An outsourced
> operation, in a place like India, China, The Philippines, etc.; where some
> greedy American corporation is saving a few pieces of Silver and displacing
> American workers in the process.
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> The best thing you can do is hang up... look for the companies? on-shore counterpart
> and complain! Tell them you?re sick and tired of sub-standard services by people
> who speak English so poorly that you can hardly communicate... are most often
> poorly trained... have little accountability for the advice they give
you... often can?t be
heard clearly because of a poor satellite phone connection... conveniently block
> their caller-ID... give themselves phony names like ?Tina? or ?Jimmy? (to deceive you
> into thinking they?re local) and most often provide no avenue to escalate an issue
> to someone who can really help.
> -
> Corporations will only end this practice if they see they?re losing their customer
> base as a consequence. Let?s start doing our part by starting a
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> When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!
I don't have a problem with a support analyst having a foreign accent. All I
want is to get my problem resolved. But what I DO have a problem with, is
American companies' executive management teams and board members whining
about their worker bees' salaries and health care costs while they are
simultaneously rewarding and celebrating themselves with MULTI-MILLION
dollar bonuses!!! Health care expenses for the common worker are too damned
expensive, but multi-million dollar bonuses on top of multi-million dollar
salaries and perks are not???!!! I find it hard to believe that these people
couldn't live comfortably on $200,000.00 per year max. Not to mention the
fact that a CEO can help drive a company completely into the ground and walk
away from it with a severance package of several million dollars. There's
nothing wrong with a global economy business model, but it should be handled
in a totally fair and proper manner. As it stands now, it's nothing more
than the leaders of big government and big business becoming mega-wealthy at
the expense of the common man/woman.
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The excuse for the high salaries and perks for the executives is that this is what it takes to get these people to leave their current positions at company Y to go to work at company X.
This premise is the same faulty premise at work in sports. Pay a lot of money, build multi-million dollar facilities, and you will win.
This is the fault of the shareholders of the respective companies or sports teams. Sucessful companies and teams are not made overnight, and quite often the 'mix' or chemistry of several personalities is what makes success.
The only recourse the open market has is to stop using the service or product provided by these companies.
The government cannot force the companies and their shareholders to behave in a more noble manner, and it it my belief that at least in the US, the government rules and laws have CAUSED the state that business is in now. A business will ALWAYS try to maximize their profit and still provide a product or service at the price/performance THE MARKET WILL BEAR.
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Chris Gosnell
For your pension plan, 401k, IRA, Mutual funds and insurance payouts, and possibly stock holdings, I hope the CEOs of those operations take your best interest in hand to run efficiently when running those operations for YOUR benefit.
Otherwise, your retirement might be seriously reduced.
I listened to a call center owner in India the other day, and he says the jobs he has are merely viewed as stepping stones for English speaking Indians, as a call-center job in India is still not a great and glorious career. It is a high-pressure job where burnout is high.
If burnout is high in India on call center jobs, can you imagine what it is in the U.S.?
I've been asking call center operators what country they are calling from recently when I hear an Indian/British accent, and they do not like to answer that question. Very sensitive issue right now, I detect.
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Bo Clawson
If you want capitalism in its true form, the job goes to the lowest bid (for acceptable quality). There's not much more to it than that.
We can not sell electric fans in Wal-Mart if U.S. companies make them in the U.S. Why buy a Honeywell (or whatever brand) fan for $60 when you can buy one made by Tatung (or whatever brand) out of one of their Chinese factories for $30 or less? The U.S. cannot possibly hope to compete with production costs possible in the "new, improved, global economy".
If a guy wants to work in a factory in exchange for room and board--and maybe a shot at staying in the city area for the future--how will you compete with a union worker making $22/hr plus benefits.
If the situation is reversed, and the U.S. decides to make everything domestically, what will consumers do? They won't be able to afford all the stuff they're buying now, that's for sure.
The world is becoming more capitalistic, folks, not less. Those at the top of the heap will not stay there long if their standards of living increase, unless they find another industry in which to compete. That's just the way it goes.
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Chris Gosnell wrote:
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Jeff Mowry
Automation & design. Might save some shipping costs too.
It was discovered some years ago that there's a high world-wide demand for paper printed in green. Costs just pennies to print US$ 100. Nice markup.
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Cliff Huprich
Anybody from Enron or many others in jail yet? (Let's not consider poor Martha Stewart.)
BTW, The only person actually charged & convicted related to the events of 9-11 was released from jail. Seems that the US refused to cooperate in the trial so witnesse(s) were missing ....
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Cliff Huprich
I gather that the Republicans farmed out their telephone funds solicitation & similar operations to India. I don't think the "do not call" list applies .... and the shrub badly needs more than US$ 200,000,000 for his bid at the Republican primary. It's a tough race between him & Mr./Ms. XXX. Getting renominated might be expensive.
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Cliff Huprich

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