Repeating the same operations?

Hi all!

I usually need to correct surfaces, so I use several planes (up to 80) to capture the profile of surface in each plane (I don't know the menu name in english), and then I copy each profile (a 2dsketch) in a new part. It means 80+80+80 operations, always the same, but in different planes and finally 80 Ctr+C Ctrl+V within two parts. I tried the macro feature, without good results, I only obtain a repeat sequence in the same plane, not in the rest.

Any idea?



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If I'm understanding you correctly, there may be a pretty cool way to do what you ask:

3D sketch intersection curve select all planes and surfaces

If the surfaces are all evenly spaced, there is a box in the Offset Plane dialog to create a number of evenly spaced planes.

The 3D sketch just gives you the option to make all of the sections at once, where the planes intersect the surfaces.

You can then copy the 3D sketch with all the profiles in it at once to the new part without needing to recreate the planes.

I might not be understand> Hi all!

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Yes, you understanded it ok.

I tried some times "intersection curve" (that's the name I forgot before) and then copy all 3dsketch to another part, but finally I need to correct all slpines because tangencies and so on, so I prefer to work with lines or splines in one plane, not in 3d. So if I could copy and paste all lines or splines in each plane (of original) to the other new part in its corresponding plane I will do it very mch fast than now. Referring "select all planes and surfaces", if I try to copy all at once, then SW only copy the first sketch but not the rest, so I must copy and paste manually (the only way I know!)

Anyway thanks


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