Saving All Files to DVD or similar?

My manager is concerned that we are unable to backup our CAD data to his liking. He wants to be able to save all of the data associated with an assembly (ie: Subassemblies, Parts, Part Drawings, Assembly Drawings etc.) to disc or similar so it can be taken offsite, or given to a customer, and all of the internal links are maintained. Currently our system relies on part-numbers, which are separated into families, which have thier own folders.

I can use Solidworks Explorer to find all of the parts contained within an assembly, but how do I include the part drawings with this? I guess I can open them all manually, but is there a better way? Selecting the "Show where used" button in SWx Explorer will only include the drawing of the assembly.

We are still using Solidworks2005, and have no PDM system.

Cheers, Dominic.

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In the newer SW versions there is the "Pack and Go" option. Another option is (I'm not sure it works in SW2005) is to use the "Save as" and in the pop-up use "References" / "Select all" / "Browse to a new folder" to put all related files in.


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